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Definition & benefits of surveying

Surveying stands for the method of ascertaining the relevant position of various features on, over or below the surface of the earth with the use of direct or indirect measurements and finally illustrating them on a sheet of paper called as plan or map.

Surveying can produce all the required measurements to define the relevant position of points as well as physical and cultural details above, on, or below the surface of the Earth, and to describe them in a functioning form, or to settle the position of points or details.

Beside, surveying comprises of the method of determining points with prearranged angular and linear measurements. Based on the plans, sections and maps which are organized through surveying, the area and volume of a specific plot of land are measured. A map symbolizes the horizontal projection of the area surveyed devoid of the actual area. But the vertical distance is illustrated more accurately with drawing sections.

While making survey, surveyors apply different tools like total stations, GPS receivers, prisms, 3D scanners, radio communicators, digital levels and surveying software perform their job efficiently and precisely.

Benefits of Surveying:

Surveying plays an important role for any engineering project. Given below, various advantages of surveying :-

1. With surveying, it is possible to create a plan and a section of area which should be covered with project. After arranging these maps and sections, the most advantageous alignment, amount of earth work and other required details, which are subjected to the nature of the project, can be estimated.

2. The planning and design of various Civil Engineering projects like railways, highways, tunneling, irrigation, dams, reservoirs, water works, sewerage works, airfields, ports, massive buildings, etc. are formed as per surveying measurements.
3. While accomplishing any project of any magnitude, it is built up along the lines and points settled with surveying.

Definition & benefits of surveying

4. The quantity of land and the fixation of its boundaries are only possible with surveying.
5. The economic viability of the engineering practicability of a project can only be determined with a survey work.
6. The accomplishment of hydro-graphic and oceanographic charting and mapping is done with surveying.
7. Surveying can develop topographic map of land surface of the earth.