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Structural Steel Frame Construction Benefits

For a long time, structural steel has been the favorite versatile building material for many builders in modern construction. Structural steel is a smart choice when it comes to freedom of design, strength, and easy maintenance.

Now let us have a look at the benefits of Structural Steel Frame.

1. Faster Build Time: Time is very important in the construction business. Every client wants their project to be completed within the budget and schedule. For this purpose, structural steel is the best option available.

Most steel parts are prefabricated to a particular design in the manufacturing plant and shipped out. Thereafter, these parts are directly arranged and erected on the site. Hence, the chances of human error is eliminated. Since the steel parts are pre fabricated, the respective code of standards and dimensions is always followed.

2. Eco-friendly: Steel is 100% recyclable and every steel frame can be recycled. Each year, eighty million steel frames are recycled. As a result, this makes it the world?s most recycled product.

Since 1990, the energy intensity per ton of steel produced has reduced by 28%. Also, carbon dioxide emissions per ton of steel shipped has reduced by 35%. Using high quality pre fabricated steel parts, one can have an air tight and comfortable steel frame structure.

3. Durability: Components included in steel makes it able to sustain more structural weight and last longer than wood ones, hence making it more durable.

4. Lower cost: Steel has always been economical in the long run. Steel is durable, requires less maintenance, thereby reducing the costs throughout the lifetime of the building.

5. Versatility: Structural steel can be moulded in any shape and size. Steel has always been an attractive option for the construction market, due to its versatility and exterior ability.

6. Easy to fabricate: Steel parts can easily be fabricated in different shapes and sizes. This means, steel can be customized to bear specific loads in steel frame structures.

7. Moisture and Weather resistance: Depending on the carbon content, structural steel has good moisture resistant properties.

The rust resistance of steel can be enhanced by treating it with hot zinc coating and extra powder treatments.

Structural Steel Frame Construction Benefits