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Standard format of manpower report or construction labor report

In this exclusive civil engineering article, you will learn how to create a daily manpower report in the job site to verify the numbers of site staffs, skilled and unskilled labors, mechanical staffs etc.

This report is very useful for HR management and accounts works.

The daily manpower report alias construction labor report comprise of the following items :-

1) Project Name

2) Date of preparing the report

3) Total numbers of site staffs and their categories. The site staffs are subcategorized as follows :-

a) Project manager
b) Construction Manager
c) Project Engineer
d) Site Engineer
e) Quantity Surveyor

f) Supervisor
g) Surveyor
h) Surveyor helper
i) Lab Technician
j) Assistant lab technician

4) Skill Labors in the site. They are subcategorized as follows :-

a) Shuttering Foreman
b) Shuttering Carpenter
c) Scaffolder

d) Scaffolder Helper
e) Labor Foreman
f) Mason
g) Steel Foreman
i) Steel Fixer
j) Steel fixer helper
k) Plumber
l) Plumber helper
m) Machine operator

5) Staffs for site administration. They are subcategorized as follows :-

a) Admin officer
b) Store Incharge
c) Peon
d) Driver
e) Watch Man
f) Cook

6) Unskilled labors

7) Staffs for mechanical work

a) Mechanic
b) Operator
c) Electrician
d) Concrete pump operator

From the above lists, it is found that there total numbers of staffs are 52 and total numbers of skilled and unskilled labors are 23.

By adding up, we get 52 + 23 = 75 numbers

Suppose, the working time is 7 am to 2.00 pm, so, total working hours = 7

Therefore, total man hours = 75 x 7 = 525 hours.

So, each day total numbers of employees are working for 525 hours.

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Standard format of manpower report or construction labor report