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Benefits of constructing a dome house

In recent times, dome house becomes globally pervasive. Dome houses provide most organized building system.

A dome house is built with extended polystyrene that does not contain formaldehyde. The walls of a dome house contain high thermal insulating properties to lessen air-conditioning or heating. Polystyrene is good resistant to rot, rust and termites.

Various dome pieces are assembled to develop a dome house. The weight of a single dome piece is only 80 kg. The process is very easy for assembling a dome house and the work can be performed by 3 or 4 people. It usually requires at least 7 days to finish a dome house.

The required area for developing a dome house is 44.2 m with diameter 7.7m and height 3.85 m. For a long dome, the height should be 3.85 m and width 7.7 m.

A dome is available in various shapes like overhang, point arch, round arch etc.

The dome house provides the following benefits :-

Good resistance capacity to earthquake, hurricanes and winds. The pressure of wind can be easily dispersed.

The Dome House can be built easily as it is a prefabricated building containing a small number of parts. Every Dome piece is light and easy to carry which make the assembling procedure very simple. Minimum manpower and a very short period of time and less building materials are required to construct a dome house, so the development and labor costs are reduced significantly.

Because extended polystyrene is formed with carbon and hydrogen, casting of extended polystyrene is exceedingly clean. At the time of developing a home house, no waste is generated. Besides, there is no need for any deforestation to construct a dome house.

A dome requires 30 percent less surface area as well as approximately 1 /3 less lumber to be built.

Benefits of constructing a dome house

The owner can save approx. 30 percent or more on their average heating and cooling bill.