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Concrete Spalling : Effects, Causes and Preventions

The term Spall means breaking of concrete, rock particles, or ore into smaller particles. Concrete Spalling can be defined as a breaking of concrete in small section results in exposing the main beam structure due to natural calamities or chemical reaction which often leads to fractured concrete surface. In this article we will learn we will learn about Concrete Spalling and its effects and remedies.

What Causes the Concrete Spalling

There is few number of reasons for Concrete Spalling to occur. More than required amount of Alkali Silica Reaction or more than required amount of fire exposure.

Corrosion of steel beam bars, steel bars can be expand up to eight to ten times providing stress of surrounding concrete, or by the presence of salts in the atmosphere. When steel beam is cast in to concrete, the naturally high water body pressure helps to prevent the corrosion within them. However the protection can also be ineffective by the presence of acidic atmospheric gases, which is known as Carbonation.

What will the Effects of Concrete Spalling

Concrete Spalling is not at all attractive and makes the structure looks way more aged than it is actually. Concrete Spalling in a working residence or structure used by public or by the workers can be serious issue in terms of falling debris or trip hazards.

If it is left unsolved then the spalling will go on accelerating and spread just like cancer in our body, gradually the structure becomes unstable. Slight care and maintenance is always required in every structure it becomes a major responsible of the owner.

Concrete Spalling is also serous issues on economical overview. For example if a structure is left ignored then as the time goes Concrete Spalling will gradually decrease the health of the structure and the value of that particular structure will also affect accordingly plus the maintenance cost will keep on rolling higher.

Prevention from Concrete Spalling

Let’s have a look at few most effective ways to prevent from Concrete Spalling:

1. After few harsh uses of the finishing equipments may get worn. Check the floats for any uneven surfaces. Make sure that the surface of the roller is undamaged and can roll evenly. Check the hand tools for any kind of torn gloves or sharp pointing surface etc.

2. Durable Concrete will be with well mixed designs which can work compatible with your ready mix concrete supplies to make a mixes which will be capable cover all seasons and temperature variations.

3. Make sure that your finishing touch and placements do not get compromised anyhow which may results in surface defects. Greatest contributors to scaling can be damaging concrete to early so early finishing can also create problems and lead to Concrete Spalling.

4. To remain moisture and gain power all concrete must receive proper curing.

5. Another main cause can be clotting of surface water which should be taken care of, adequate amount of sloping should be given so that surface does not get Spalling.

6. A normal concrete gets its full strength after nearly 50 to 60 days until then any kind of activity in that surface could possible cause in Concrete Spalling.

To get more details, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Civil Mentors

Concrete Spalling : Effects, Causes and Preventions