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Tekla?s new software can simplify the concrete formwork planning

Tekla has introduced Tekla formwork placing tools for all wall formwork systems. The tools are specifically designed for concrete contractors and they will be able to arrange formwork automatically and smoothly. The tools apply pour geometry very intelligently.

The residential foundation contractors, who often develop projects in hilly areas where modifications in elevation occur for footings and forms on a regular basis, can use this new wall forming software to save a significant planning time. The software will be also very useful for foundation contractors who have expertise in custom home construction.

The contractors can instantly develop their own 3D models and arrange formwork digitally with the equivalent forming system that should be utilized for the project.

There is new a ?formwork warehouse,? where information is provided for every standard manufactures? forming systems, together with some generic systems. In order to arrange forms for your project automatically, just choose the forming system that has been already applied and swipe it along the digital wall or foundation wall model already developed for your bid. The software comes with a 3D view that demonstrates the forms gathered in place as they should have been set out. It can be applied as a shop drawing and simply to iPads or jobsite tablets so that the work screws get an idea on how the forms should be gathered. For applying the customary formwork drawings, Tekla software will be very useful for generating a 2D formwork drawing set automatically.

All forming systems consist of ties and bracing systems so there exist common logic for the software to use. So, it becomes easy to arrange the formwork automatically in BIM drawings. As for instance, while choosing the form manufacturer and the forming system for your project the software automatically arranges pins and clamps at the desired locations. It also sets up braces and brackets at the proper location for the proposed wall. If any modification occurs to your concrete placing locations or placing schedule, brace and bracket locations are also modified easily to adjust these modifications.

Tekla?s new software can simplify the concrete formwork planning