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Definition of Concrete Curing Compound

Curing is initiated for the hydration of cement in concrete formation. Therefore, some precautions should be taken to sustain necessary moisture content. Concrete curing compound belongs to a compound which facilitates to avoid the loss of moisture content out of the concrete. It is recommended to use perfect curing process for concrete to keep the strength of the concrete as it is.

Types of Concrete Curing Compounds:

? Synthetic resin compound
? Acrylic compound
? Wax compound
? Chlorinated rubber compound

Synthetic Resin Concrete Curing Compound: Synthetic resins develop membrane to seal the concrete. While starting plastering, take out the membrane by cleaning it with warm water.

Acrylic Concrete Curing Compound: Acrylic is formed with polymers of acrylic acid. It also seals the concrete efficiently. It contains the property of adhesion to the succeeding plaster. While starting the plastering work, you don?t have to clean the surface of acrylic with warm water.

Wax Concrete Curing Compound: Wax compound contains the properties same as resin compound. The wax membrane will lose its effectiveness with extension in time period.

Chlorinated Rubber Curing compound: Chlorinated rubber type curing compound will develop dense layer once it is used. It seals the concrete securely as well as fills the small pores existent in the concrete. But the film can?t be kept for lengthier period. It is tired out in the long run.

Properties of Concrete Curing Compound: There are 5 properties to In order to determine the quality of concrete curing compound, the following 5 types of properties can be used :-

? Water retention
? Reflectance
? Drying period
? Long term setting
? Non-volatile matter

How to use Concrete Curing Compound: Concrete curing compounds develop a membrane when they are utilized with fresh concrete. This member resist the inside moisture to emerge out of concrete, therefore, curing takes place.

These curing compounds consist of waxes, natural resins, synthetic resins and solvents of superior volatility. Usually, when curing compound is used on fresh concrete, the colors become white or gray colors. These pigments produce heat reflectance capacity as well as examine the area of curing finished.

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Definition of Concrete Curing Compound
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