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Composite-beam – A useful construction program for structural analysis

Dlubal Software develops composite-beam, a useful construction program for structural analysis. The software will run on windows platform.

It is used to create the design of composite beams adhering to ENV 1994-1-1:1992-10.

The program is originated on the basis of bidirectional communication among RSTAB and the add-on modules. In order to apply COMPOSITE-BEAM (stand-alone operation is possible), an RSTAB is not required.

Composite-beam offers the following features :-

• Single-span and continuous beams with finite boundary conditions
• Specify effective cross-sections automatically
• Provide free construction supports for construction phase
• Free description of concentrated, linear and linearly variable loads as fixed and variable loads along with specification of concrete age on loading

• Freely determinable construction loads and moving construction loads
• Find load combination automatically
• Computation of cross-section properties following Method 1 or 2
• Work out elastic internal forces with RSTAB
• Reallocation of moments
• Design of bending and shear force resistance with interaction
• Find out necessary shear connectors and their distribution
• Design of longitudinal shear force resistance

• Results of governing support reactions for construction and composite stage together with loads of construction supports
• Lateral-torsional buckling analysis
• Analysis for limitation of crack widths
• Design of natural frequency

Link for download composite beam

Composite-beam – A useful construction program for structural analysis