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Understanding quick and easy Civil Engineering formulas

This book is an indispensable portable reference for all practicing civil engineers and students. Now one can get a single compilation of all essential civil engineering formulas and equations in one easy-to-use handbook.

This book provides important formula notes for civil engineering aspirants. Engineering Aspirants can go through these formulas and learn the concepts in a different way. It will also be useful to self-studying students and those aspiring for competitive exams.

The book provides solid foundation in civil engineering concepts and its applications. Emphasises the conceptual understanding of the subject is given in a comprehensive way. This book consists of hundreds of worked-out calculation procedures for a variety of engineering disciplines with step-by-step solutions.

The calculation procedures have practical applications in thousands of engineering computations for actual design and operating conditions. There are near about 500 formulas along with the Engineering Mathematics and all the Civil Engineering Subjects.

Each chapter, offering collections of problems and calculations, gives a quick reference to a well-defined topic such as: Conversion Factors for Civil Engineering Practice; Beam Formulas; Column Formulas; Piles and Piling Formulas; Concrete Formulas; Timber Engineering Formulas; Surveying Formulas; Soil and Earthwork Formulas; Building and Structures Formulas; Bridge and Suspension-Cable Formulas; and, Hydraulics and Waterworks Formulas. Handle every day-to-day calculation instantly and accurately.

Aspirants can see exactly how to compute the desired values for a particular design, and go quickly from data to finished design. Indepth coverage of important topics such as Soil Earth Formulas, surveying formulas, building and structure formulas, Bridge and suspension and cable formulas are explained.

About the Author

Tyler G. Hicks, PE, is an experienced consulting engineer and is the author of more than twenty books on engineering and related fields. He has worked on plant design and operation in a variety of industries, taught at several engineering schools, and lectured both in the United States and abroad.

He is the president of International Wealth Success Inc.; He is also the director of a large lending organization in New York City. Hicks is the author of many books on small-business and real estate investing, including, to name a few: 209 Fast Spare-Time Ways to Build Zero Cash into 7 Figures a Year in Real Estate; How to Raise All the Money You Need for Any Business.

He holds a degree in mechanical engineering from Cooper Union School of Engineering in New York.

Mr. Hicks' professional affiliations include membership in the Specialized Information Publishers Association, the National Association for Real Estate Finance, the Liquidity Management Network the Real Estate Finance and Investment Society, the United States Naval Institute, the United States Merchant Marine Academy, the Steamship Historical Society and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Civil Engineering Formulas By Tyler G. Hicks Book Free Download

Understanding quick and easy Civil Engineering formulas