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A Desired Candidate is Required for Civil Construction Project Manager Post

A globally renowned construction company is hiring candidates for the civil construction project manager post. Those who are looking for a career in this concentrated field and who have passion in civil construction can apply for this job.

The company has a reputed name in catering to clients across the world and it welcomes candidates who believe in making something new out of ordinary things.

Position summary: The working of a project manager will be supervised by an executive management team and senior PM?s who are handling the distribution of assignments according to the objectives required to be reached, responsibilities and authorities.

? Project Managers should be able to handle an array of responsibilities and must be prompt enough to solve any conflicts arisen in works.
? They will work independently putting the best of knowledge in the given assignment.
? They need to coordinate with other members.
? They must handle the team positively and come up with new ideas of progress, production and schedule.
? They need to analyze the condition considering every corner of the project and offer recommendations, solutions and necessary actions.
? They must supervise the work of Assistant Project Manager and guide them in an expected way.

A Project Manager is an essential part of a team who will take care of every detail of a project with his knowledge and ability. He works as a coordinator with the project team and ensures that the work goes according to the plan. He maintains a cordial communication with the corporate staff and is responsible for completing a project as per the scheduled time. Accuracy and punctuality are tow most important qualities a Project Manager must have.

Job Duties of a Construction Project Manager:

? Communicate and contact to clients for getting contracts for the company.
? Analyze the scope of improvements existed in a company.
? Maintain a project schedule and budget.
? Develop a project schedule that should be met in future.
? Help in preparing contract for sub-contractors.
? Check and handle subcontractor invoices.
? Communicate with a project team for checking the status of an on-going project.
? Attend project meeting.
? Need to handle out of the project office periodically. Field visits are required for verifying scope, schedule and quality of a project.
? Monitor and review daily reports of works.

Additional areas need to be checked: A Project manager must work closely with Business Development team to maintain a desired client network for the company. Here are a few things that the company wants from you.

? Plan correctly to retain the existing clients and retains the new clients.
? Find out potential clients for the company.
? Analyze potential project.
? Coordinate with the estimating department.

Qualification and skills required for this post:

? Strong negotiation skills
? Able to multitask and communicate well.
? Analytical and problem-solving skills
? Ability to learn new things as well new technological updates.
? Strong verbal and written communication.
? Quick decision-making ability.
? Make a positive environment for work and inspires others to perform to their best.

A Desired Candidate is Required for Civil Construction Project Manager Post