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Catalog for Bored cast in-situ concrete pile Construction Work

One of the most common and important phases in construction work is bored cast in-situ piles reinforcement. This construction procedure primarily is structured by drilling and auguring thereafter reinforcement is organized and finally concrete is poured into the hole.

There are some set of steps that are taken to complete the construction of bore cast in situ concrete pile. They are as follows:

Pile Boring: Boring needs to be performed up to the founding strata in accordance with drawings/ pre decided depth using sporadically bentonite slurry according to requirement. In case of prerequisite the bore hole is then provided with bentonite slurry, from bentonite installation. Bentonite circulation channel will be created from bore hole to bentonite tank and fresh bentonite slurry will be pumped to bore hole via hose pipes. One important thing to make sure 24 hours prior to start of pile boring is that bentonite is totally dissipated the water and obtains essential density to become stable the sides of bore hole for the duration of drilling. Bentonite slurry of particular quality must be distributed incessantly during boring method.

Reinforcement cage lowering:

1. According to the drawings and approved depths, prefabricated reinforcement cage is made and it is brought and preserve close to the pile location during the ongoing boring procedure.
2. After the engineer?s proper approval, the reinforcement cage will then be uplifted with care and dropped by the help of the crane or manually into the bored hole.

3. In case of long reinforcement cage which is impossible to manage with just one lift, then it takes more than one lift to get it placed properly and dropped inside the bored hole.
4. Above all, a final check has to be performed whether the cage has achieved up to bottom of the pile with the assistance of measurement from the top of the cage to the ground floor.


1. After cage lowering the process that comes right after it is flushing. 200mm diameter tremie pipes are the proper equipments that help to lower the hole. The program is performed by lowering one tremie pipe after another one and joining them threading to sustain water tightness throughout its length until the gap reaches 75-100mm. Thereafter the tremie pipe is locked or supported to preserve the level and funnel is adjacent on top.

checklist for bored cast in situ concrete piles reniforcment

2. The tremie head to be offered to the tremie pipe for the rinsing action. The bore is rinsed by fresh bentonite slurry through the tremie head. The pumping for rinsing is done by use of mud circulation pump. Flushing will be done to wipe out all the loose sediments which might have assembled on the founding strata. As an additional activity, the flushing procedure shall be carried on till the stability of inflowing and out flowing slurry is similar.