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How to work out the cement quantity for neat cement in 100 sq.m flooring area

In this civil engineering article, you will get some vital notes to work out the necessary materials for neat cement punning at job site.

The screed concreting is done over the structural level of slab. Above the screed concrete, net cement is provided. The wooden flooring is accomplished over the net cement. To avoid gaps, foam is arranged between net cement and wooden flooring.

Besides, the foam can overcome the undulation in net cement. The combination of net cement and screed concrete is known as IPS flooring or Indian Patent Stone Flooring.

The calculation is based on the following dimensions :-

Suppose, the plastering area = 10 m x 10 m = 100 square meter

Now, it is required to determine the volume for 100 sq.m with net cement thickness of 1.5mm or 0.0015 meter.

So, Volume = 10 x 10 x 0.0015 = 0.15 cubic meter

But the above volume is in wet condition and it should be converted to dry volume.

To do this, 25% of the wet volume should be increased.

So, 0.15 + (0.15 x 25%)

= 0.19 cubic meter

So, dry volume = 0.19 cubic meter

Now, the quantity of cement will be determined based on this dry volume.

It is known that the volume of one bag of cement = 0.034 cubic meter

As per Unitary method, 1 bag of cement is required for 0.034 cubic meter volume.

So, we have to find the quantity of cement for 0.19 cubic meter as follow :-

1 cubic meter = 1/0.034 bag of cement

For 0.19 cubic meter volume = 1/0.034 x 0.19 bag of cement = 5.59 bags

So, for providing neat cement to 100 square meter flooring area, the required cement quantity = 5.59 bags.

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How to work out the cement quantity for neat cement in 100 sq.m flooring area