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How to use excel sheet to calculate footing quantities

Footings are the part and parcel of a foundation construction. They are generally formed with concrete containing rebar reinforcement that is poured into an excavated trench. The main objective of footings is to make foundation stronger by providing support as well as withstand settling.

Usually, the term footing is utilized in combination with shallow foundations. A footing belongs to a foundation unit that is built up in brick work, masonry or concrete underneath the base of a wall or a column with the intension of transmitting the load over an extensive area.

This construction video provides detailed guidelines on how to create an excel sheet to compute the quantities for footing on the basis of the following dimensions :-

Length = 1.2 meter
Breadth = 1.8 meter
Depth = 0.45 meter

The excel sheet contains the following heads for calculation purpose :

Sl. No., Description, Item, Numbers, Length, Breath, Depth, Volume of concrete, Shuttering Area, Bitumen Paint Area, Remarks.

Watch the following video, to get the complete details.

How to use excel sheet to calculate footing quantities