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The Most Popular Brick Control Products Today

Brick Control is an application based in the cloud that helps you to manage your construction projects in a simple, straightforward, and efficient manner. Using Brick Control lets professionals and companies work more efficiently on a project. Our services include estimates, project progress reports, certifications, cost analysis, and more.

Features of Brick Control

Learn why so many people all over the world rely on Brick Control, the easiest and most efficient project management tool available. Brick control will work with any PC, Mac, I-Pad, I-Phone, from any company, in any language, any currency, from any location.


You can create projects for your company or for a branch of your company and access them anywhere. Create budgets automatically based on costs imported from databases.


Your projects can be scheduled, checked for progress, and certified easily. Mobile phone pictures can be uploaded to Brick Control, and they can be shared with anyone.


Assign all the costs to the corresponding project and at the level of detail that you need, and then calculate the resources your project needs. As a global, stage, or work package level resource manager, Brick Control calculates the resources needed for your project.


The Brick Control software helps you manage the costs overruns of your projects in real-time and determine exactly which areas need to be addressed so that you can take the appropriate measures in an efficient manner.

Web Services of Brick Control

When you use financial products like Microsoft Dynamics, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, or Oracle Financials, Brick Control all in one is the perfect solution for you. If you want to control and manage your projects, you can integrate the processes of both platforms. This way, when a bill is introduced to the system, you can carry out the accounting flow that has been established for your business.

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The Most Popular Brick Control Products Today