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Benefits of Concrete Calculator

Concrete calculator is a small software application that is used to estimate the proper amount of concrete as per your requirement, on the basis of the dimensions of a slab, footing or rounded shape.

This user-friendly calculator is designed on the basis of Windows ?98 and ?95 operating systems.

The concrete calculator can work out three types of calculations which are demonstrated in a tab-like display: ?Slab calculator,? ?Footing? and ?Circular?. In order to make calculation just fill in the blank spaces (thickness, width, length, depth, diameter, high) and press the ?Calculate? button.

The program can work with various measurement units, like inches, feet and meters.

Get proper amount of concrete that is stated in cubic meters or yards, together with an estimated cost in dollars. Besides, the program can work-out the proper number of pre-mix concrete bags, ranging from 60lb or 80lb, as well as the projected cost, provided in dollars.

Concrete Calculator is a very handy software when you require to work out a specific amount of concrete on the basis of the footing, slab or circular shape you find it difficult to measure. The calculator facilitates to produce calculations for various types of shapes and that it presents the proper amount of bags and money required to make the program extremely powerful.

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Benefits of Concrete Calculator
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