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Bend Deduction In Reinforcement Steel

At the time of bending a reinforced steel bar at some angles (degrees), owing to elongation in steel, length of steel will be raised to some extent. Prior to arrange the bars in structural components, the steel bar should be cut, for this purpose, it is necessary to work out the perfect length of bar (cutting length). With the purpose of working out the cutting length, it is required to subtract elongated length of bar because of bend.

It's fully based on the degree at which the bar will be bent.

Bend deduction: While bending a bar at 90 degrees, it is required to deduct 2 time diameter bar. Given below, the details about bending of bars in different angles -

45 degrees ?? 1 Dia of bar
90 degrees ?? 2 Dia of bar
135 degrees ?? 3 Dia of bar
180 degree ?? 4 Dia of bar

Given below, some useful notes on bend deduction :-

While bending a steel bar, the length of the bar is raised marginally because of expansion in the bending area.

The enlargement of length is based on the grade of steel and the degree of bend.

The length is raised with the rise of bending degree. The length is decreased with the greater steel grade.

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Bend Deduction In Reinforcement Steel