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Details about beam in construction

In this exclusive civil engineering video tutorial, you will learn the definition of beam and the types of beam available in construction sectors.

Beams are defined as horizontal and straight members to bear vertical loads. They are designed and constructed to withstand bending moment.

In some cases, when distance is short and it is required to bear heavy loads, then the internal shear force turns into significantly large and it can convert the design.

If a beam is supported on the ends which can easily rotate and does not contain any moment reaction and contains vertical reaction at supports is called simple supported beam. It is also described as determinate beams since it can be examined with the use of equilibrium equations.

In some cases, the beam is fixed at both sides and defined as fixed beam.

This type of beam is indeterminate since it contains moment and force reactions at supports. In this type of beam, there is no rotation similar to simple supported beam.

A beam that is not supported on only one end i.e. one end is fixed and the other end is uncovered across the support. The beam transfers the load to the support where it can manage the moment of force and shear stress. This type of beam is determinate as it contains reaction only at peak support.

In some cases, the beams are expanded beyond it supports. Due to this expansion, the beam is called over hanging beam.

A continuous beam belongs to a structural component that has resistance strength against bending when a load or force is employed. This type of beam is mostly found in bridges. It comprises of more than two points of support along its length i.e. it has more than one span. The end spans of cantilever beam are cantilever. They can be fixed supported or freely supported. It is indeterminate beam and can?t be fully examined with equilibrium equation.

In some cases, the cross section of beam is fluctuated along its length and this type of beam is called tapered beam.

A tapered beam is wider at one end as compared to the other, providing a tapered appearance to the member.

To get more details, go through the following video tutorial.

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Details about beam in construction