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Usefulness of bar bending schedule for concrete construction

Bar bending schedule comprises of detailed reinforcement cutting and bending length. If bar bending schedule is utilized together with reinforcement detailed drawing, the construction quality gets better and cost & time is saved significantly for developing concrete construction works.

The following image presents a typical bar bending schedule having bending and cutting length.

How bar bending schedule offers huge benefits to concrete construction:-

1. By applying bar bending schedule, cutting and bending of reinforcement is accomplished at factory and delivered to jobsite. This facilitates to perform job rapidly at construction jobsite as well as minimize time & cost for construction process as fewer workers are required for bar bending. Bar bending also avoids the wastage of steel reinforcement (5 to 10%) is reduced with bar bending. As a result the project cost is greatly decreased.

2. If bar bending schedule is applied for Fe500 deformed bar, it saves 10% excess steel reinforcement correspond to fe415.

3. The quality control at jobsite gets better with bar bending because reinforcement is furnished following bar bending schedule that is developed with the provisions of relevant detailing standard codes.

4. The estimates for reinforcement steel can be done in a superior way toward a single structural member that can be utilized to workout complete reinforcement requirement for whole project.

5. It can be used for improved stock management for reinforcement. The quantity of Steel needed for next stage of construction is computed perfectly and procurement can be made. This avoids unnecessary storing of additional steel reinforcement at jobsite for prolonged period. Besides, it stops corrosion of reinforcement for coastal areas. It also checks the scarcity of reinforcement for running projects with proper estimation and thus allows the easy progression of concrete construction works.

bar bending schedule

6. Bar bending schedule is mostly suitable throughout auditing of reinforcement. It resists theft and pilferage in jobsite.

7. Bar bending schedule is essential for reinforcement cutting, bending and making skeleton of structural member prior to set them the in the necessary position. Other works like excavation, PCC etc can be carried on similarly with this activity. So, project activity management in general turns out to be smoth and minimizes construction time. It also checks any damages caused by construction time overrun.

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