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AllPile is an exclusive construction program for structural, geotechnical and construction engineers

CivilTech Software develops AllPile, an exclusive construction program for Geotechnical Engineers. It is a windows supported analysis program that can easily function with different types of piles like steel pipes, H-piles, pre-cast concrete piles, auger-cast piles, drilled shafts, timber piles, jetted piles, tapered piles, piers with bell, micropiles (minipiles), uplift anchors, uplift plate, and shallow foundations.

AllPile integrates maximum pile analyses in a solitary program. It works out compression (with settlement), uplift, lateral capacity, and group analysis all simultaneously. Users are required to input the data one time rather than a number of times in various programs. Pile analysis become simpler, cost-effective and time-efficient with AllPile.

AllPile is specifically designed for all engineers, even those who don?t have any prior experience in pile analysis. It facilitates the structural engineers to select soil parameters, and geotechnical engineers to select pile properties. AllPile is considered as an ideal tool for structural, geotechnical, and construction engineers.

This construction programs offers the following features :-


Smart Data Find - Users only require to input N-value (SPT) or CPT and allow the program to discover the remaining data, like friction, cohesion, density, subgrade reaction coefficient, and P-y parameters. For the users who have inadequate field data, this feature will be very fruitful.

Graphical Input - The sliding bar and graphical interface alters all together with the inputs to demonstrate the pile profile. Pile head and load are graphically accessible to allow users to input data instantly and perfectly.

Three Ways to Input Soil Properties: 1. Input N value (SPT or CPT) only and program discovers all other parameters; 2. Input soil parameters like C, and friction. . 3. Input End bearing and Side friction (vertical) or p-y (lateral).

Vertical Capacity - The program assesses the uplift and compression capacity of the pile. Program provides t-z, and q-w analysis. The program also verifies torsion (rotation) capacity for single pile.

Settlement - The program measures pile settlement on the basis of point load, skin friction, and shaft compression. It offers Load-Settlement curves.

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AllPile is an exclusive construction program for structural, geotechnical and construction engineers
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