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Brief overview of the cross bars reinforcement at columns



Cross bars in slab at columns are used for any large water-table that is located just underneath the structure to lower bending because of the upraised pressure of Water.


Given below a sample image that will facilitate the civil engineers to recognize the cross bars reinforcement at columns.


All reinforcement should have been free from mill scales, loose rust & coats of paints, oil or any other substances.


Main bars in the slabs must be below 8 mm (HYSD) or 10 mm (Plain bars) and the distributors not below 8 mm and not surpassing 1/8 of slab thickness.

The detailing requirements of a reinforcement bar are based on the reasons for its containment in the structure.


Reasons comprise:

1. To bear internal tensile forces, thus conveying strength and ductility;
2. To handle flexural cracking;
3. To handle direct tension cracking in restrained structures;
4. To transmit compressive forces;
5. To offer restraint to bars in compression;


Ready-mix concrete
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6. To arrange for confinement to concrete in compression;
7. To restrict longstanding deformation;
8. To safeguard against spalling
9. To offer temporary support for other reinforcement throughout construction.



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