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Shimizu Corp reveals its plan to set up the first ever eco-friendly underwater city in Japan


Shimizu Corp, a Japan based construction companies that is well known for its awe-inspiring schemes, has revealed its plan to set up an eco-friendly underwater city to accommodate 5000 people. The project is known as Ocean Spiral.


The proposed underwater city will maintain its energy derived from an "earth factory" on the ocean floor. In order to build up the project, Shimizu Corp will use the ocean thermal energy conversion technology where the factory will utilize micro-organisms for transmitting carbon dioxide into methane and at the same time power generators placed along the ocean spiral will apply divergences in seawater temperatures to produce supplementary energy. Desalinated water generated through hydraulic pressure will be pumped into the residential pod.


The proposed project will be segregated into three sections which involve a floating sphere containing a diameter of 500 metres, situated just underneath the surface of the sea. All the sections will include business and residential zones and hotels. The 500-meter-wide sphere will be linked with an extended 15km helix shaped spiral path that winds its way to the ocean floor 3-4km underneath the surface.


The completion time of the project would be 5 years and the total cost is expected to be 3tn yen (16bn). The required technology to create the project in reality will be arranged within 15 years.


Shimizu is seeking the helps from the experts associated with Tokyo University, government ministries and energy firms to create the blueprint of the project. The firm expects to get financial support from private industry and the government.



Shimizu Corp reveals its plan to set up the first ever eco-friendly underwater city in Japan


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