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Some leading construction programs for making efficient structural design and analysis


The 3D integrated structural analysis and design software suite are mostly used by several structural engineers in their day-to-day project. These software can optimize the process for modeling structural geometries and examining loads and these result in reducing the time and endeavor required for examining finite element.



These software contain some handy features like evaluating different profiles of structural elements (slabs, openings, foundations, columns, walls, bracings, beams, etc), modeling structures of diverse materials, verifying geometrical inaccuracies, and outputting analysis and graphical files. Given below some exclusive features of top 5 structural design and analysis software for design and analysis.


SAP2000 v18: It offers powerful 3D object based modeling and is recognized in over 160 countries in all through the globe. This construction software is applied in transportation facilities to public works and very popular for its static analysis of structures for general application. It is mostly utilized to create the design of water tanks, bridges, etc. It contains a single easy to use user interface and there are templates for predefined complicated structures. Besides, there is an extensive library containing section sizes and properties, inputs for wind and seismic loads, functions that produce output reports and graphical results, and international design codes which are useful for basic modeling and analysis. The new SAP2000 v18 can also produce stability checks for nonlinear load cases and export its models into Revit Structure.

STAAD.Pro: STAAD.Pro is ideal for both linear static and non-linear analysis. STAAD.Pro is applied for studying time dependent effects, like creep, shrinkage, and cracking of concrete. Bentley, can be used in conjunction with STAAD.Pro is compatible with various Bentley's software. STAAD.Pro models are imported to OpenSTAAD as well as transmitted to other third-party applications. STAAD.Pro models are also incorporated with ProjectWise, in which the software will use the imported model for project collaboration and management. It is also possible Bentley has also boasted that their programs can to design structures with more than 80 international codes with Bentley's software series and they can create structural design documents automatically.

RISA-3D: RISA-3D is a handy 3D analysis and design software for general structures like buildings, crane rails, arenas, industrial structures, bridges, etc. RISA-3D can be combined with other RISA products like RISAFloor, RISAConnection and RISAFoundation. The users can input horizontal wind and earthquake forces into the structure's lateral system in RISA-3D. The RISA-3D model is incorporated with RISAFloor to create design for gravity loadings and vertical elements. RISAFoundation is also combined with RISA-3D by transmitting the reactions from RISA-3D to the slabs and footings in RISAFoundation. RISAConnection is also utilized to automatically design the connections for the structure in RISA-3D.


Structural Masonry Design System


Etabs 2013: Etabs 2013 is generally applied to design and study high rise buildings systems. It is very popular because of its capability for instant modeling of framing systems and in examining big and complex structures. Columns, walls, slabs, beams, openings, and other elements are designed and evaluated through the one single interface of the software. The structure is also rendered in 3D inside Etabs 2013. Etabs 2013 can examine structures nonlinearly, where users will be able to design for and verify stability of structures going through creep, shrinkage, and column shortening. It is also possible to generate a 2D nonlinear layer model for studying concrete cracking and shear behaviour. With Etabs 2013, the users will get the ability to use ETABS templates generated earlier to instantly start new models by providing their necessary grid spacing, story numbers, slab sections, and loads.


SkyCiv 3D Structural Analysis Software: SkyCiv is an online structural design and analysis software. Model files are preserved online in the cloud and the users don't have to pay for installation and licenses. The software offers the same functionality as other structural design and analysis software. The software can perform fundamental 3D analysis that range from analysis for flexure, torsion, axial, shear, and deflection. The software allows the users to provide their required loads and support conditions, select or specify any structural sections as well as generate 3D rendering and analysis text reports. The software also offers some useful online calculators like calculators for truss systems, frames, and single span beams. This construction program can be used only for educational purpose. By applying this software, one can obtain instant and general ideas on the design, load paths, stress analysis of structural system.



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