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Construction Project Management, the book which was launched June 30, 2014 (Hard Cover) will give away immense help to the professionals in this field. The kindle edition and hard cover has been released. It helps to comprehend the construction project management. It brings us the concepts, insight view, real-time experience and talent for doing large and small work.


The five main parts of this book:-


  • Introducing Construction Project Management
  • Developing Project Construction Time Schedule
  • Developing Project Resources Plans
  • Planning and Budgeting Construction Costs
  • Controlling Project Construction Plan


This book has concentrated on the planning, scheduling as well as controlling techniques. This is the third edition. It brings out applications, field knowledge, the skill required for project planning's, cost estimations and risk management and project management technique. The engineering students will be benefitted. Table of Contents:


  • Preface to the Third Edition VI
  • Preface to the First Edition IX




Part 1: Introducing Construction Project Management


  • Chapter 1: Construction Projects Management Framework
  • Appendix A: Construction Project Manager Competency Skills
  • Chapter 2: Planning Project Works Scope and Its Integration Processes
  • Appendix B: Project Success Strategy Development


Part 2: Developing Project Construction Time Schedule


  • Chapter 3: Defining Project Activities
  • Appendix C: Applications of Work Breakdown Structure
  • Chapter 4: Project Cpm/Pert Network Analysis
  • Appendix D: Project Time - Cost Function
  • Chapter 5: Precedence Network Analysis
  • Appendix E: Decision Network and Tree Analysis/li>
  • Chapter 6: Scheduling Project Work and Resources
  • Appendix F: Project Management Software


Part 3: Developing Project Resources Plans


  • Chapter 7: Planning Construction Manpower
  • Appendix G: Construction Workers Financial Incentive Scheme
  • Chapter 8: Planning Construction Materials
  • Appendix H: Resources Allocation Using Linear Programming
  • Chapter 9: Project Construction Equipment
  • Appendix I: Earthmoving Equipment Planning Data for Primary Tasks
  • Chapter 10: Selecting Construction Equipment
  • Appendix J: Time Value of Money


Part 4: Planning and Budgeting Construction Costs


  • Chapter 11: Planning Construction Costs
  • Appendix K: Breakeven Analysis
  • Chapter 12: Contractor's Construction Budget
  • Appendix L: Capital Investment Appraisal Techniques



Part 5: Controlling Project Construction Plan


  • Chapter 13: Controlling Project Integration and Work Scope
  • Appendix M: Construction Contracts Administration and Claims
  • Chapter 14: Controlling Resources Productivity
  • Appendix N: Typical Health, Safety and Environment Audit Checklist
  • Chapter 15: Contractor's Cost Control System
  • Appendix O: Construction Contracts Cost Accounting Guidelines
  • Chapter 16: Controlling Project Time Schedule
  • Appendix P: Probability Distributions and Monte
  • Chapter 17: Risk Management at Construction Site - An Overview


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eBooks on Construction Project Management


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