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BioMason has transformed the brick making process to the next level with the introduction of bacterial production process



BioMason has introduced a new method for growing bricks for industrial, commercial, and general construction application rather than manufacturing them in traditional method through their bacterial production process.


Ginger Krieg Dosier, the founder of BioMason, is the inventor of this innovative brick making process. Under the process, only sand and water are used together with bacterial to develop strong bricks.


This newest construction process definitely enhances sustainability and considerably minimizes secretion of carbon in the construction industry.


Under the bacterial production process, the sand is compacted into rectangular shaped brick molds, consequently bacteria is then applied. After adding the trillions of microorganisms, the sporosarcina pasteurii bacteria operates with the sand in such a way that it develops calcium carbonate crystals. Calcium ions which are leftover in the water, are captivated to the bacterial cell walls and as a result the calcium carbonate shell is produced. It allows the particles to be attached together. No heat is required to complete the process.

These bricks can shine in the dark, sop up pollution as well as adjust color if get drenched.


BioMason has set up a pilot plant in Durham, North Carolina and started to build 500 bricks a week, with a capacity for 1,500.

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