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Now-a-days plastics becomes a crucial construction material in Civil Engineering sectors



Civil engineering is connected with all sorts of constructions like bridges and roads to railways and airports. If plastic is used in construction materials, the resistance power as well as the longebility of building becomes better. Besides, the plastic is affordable and cost effective.


In present days, within the building construction industry, recycled plastics are used in various forms, primarily in panels, pipes, sheets, foams etc. Plastic materials are chosen by construction professionals to get the following advantages.


Longevity - Plastic materials are not as strong as metals but still it protects the housing materials primarily.


Cost Effectiveness - Now a day's in the construction industry, cost is an important element in any construction project. Cost effectiveness is the economic analysis of production cost. Less production cost leads to huge cost saving. Many plastic materials are very economical to be utilized in a construction project.


Recycling - Not like metals, some plastics can be recycled while preserving their chemical properties and thence can be used over and over again. As for example synthetic wood, plastic cradles lumber etc.



Energy saving - Plastic provides less heat than metal. The insulating effects of some plastics can also decrease sound pollution level.


Safety - Metals are heavy. But plastics are generally much lighter than Metals. The lightness of plastic materials makes easier to carry and placing.


After the above discussion about the behaviour and nature, we must check out the usefulness of plastic materials. Some of them are discussed below.


Usefulness of Plastic Materials


Flooring - Plastic materials like vinyl resin, synthetic resin polyethylene, polypropylene are made of artificial plastic compound. Those are used to make flooring less prone to wear and tear. It also decreases the pollution level and can be cleaned easily.


Roofing - Plastic materials are used to protect the outer layer of buildings from damages. Here two types of different plastic materials are needed for covering. Coloured thermoplastic olefin is required for layering the upper part vinyl while the lower part requires polyurethane foam which consumes less energy and keeps the interior of a house cooler.


Wall - A structural isolated panel is a mixture of expanded polystyrene with two slim layers of adjusted strand board. It composites wall board, and can be transferred to the work place easily for a particular task. It provides well support to columns and other related essentials parts during restoration. Polystyrene foams are vital elements for producing energy efficient chemical compound. It is used behind the walls and underneath the floors.


Protection - Polyurethane is useful for durability, energy savings and moisture control. It provides the protection to buildings from primary damage.


Pipes - Different type of plastics are used to make pipe depending on the conditions and actions required. Light weights of plastic pipes are making themselves suitable for various environments. Plastic pipes are flexible and too easy for placing anywhere.


Doors and windows - Doors made from a hard polyurethane foam core with a fibre reinforced plastic coating, are used in some construction project. The structure of these doors makes them highly strong. Some plastic materials are used for window burnishing. Glasses are heavy material whereas, the plastic are too light in weight, highly resistant to corrosion and more fashionable. So, most engineers prefer to use plastic materials in windows.


Plastics are now very closely related with building construction industry. Near about 40% of plastic materials are used in every building construction project. Using of such materials reduce the construction cost of the buildings. Constructors and Engineers get lots of benefits for using plastic product in their project.


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