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The advantages of prefabricated construction method


Prefabricated construction is a practice through assembly of the structure and their components are prefabricated at other locations devoid of building site and carried to the job site for setting up. This system can cut down time, wages, and materials and thus controls construction cost to a great extent. A prefabricated building element is mass-constructed in an assembly line with a shorter span of time reducing the cost significantly as compared to a same type of element fabricated through highly paid trained labors at a building site.


The Prefabricated construction is now greatly accepted for new houses or other building structures ranging from bridge, tunnels, culverts, water supply system. Prefabricated elements consist of doors, stairs, window walls, wall panels, floor panels, roof trusses, room-sized components, and even complete buildings.


With prefabricated construction system, the production of standard building elements is possible on factory floor consuming fewer time with regard to actual condition of construction process. The extremely specialized materials are stored at prefabrication shops or factories and these are brought to the site for installation purpose. At the construction jobsite, the components are unpacked, placed into position through the heavy cranes, and accumulated to generate a designed building. The organizing of building elements facilitate for construction to be built up where the raw material is least extravagant.



The prefabricated construction makes a huge saving in money on the construction project as the materials are assembled in quickest possible. With the application of standard patterns, the building materials are saved at the manufacturing units to decrease the waste in formwork and other materials that may happen at the time of conventional building practices.


The prefabricated construction method leads to the energy efficiency as the prefab components of a panelized home are precut and fit comfortably in concert, producing a tighter construction. So minimum practice is required for heating and cooling that can minimize energy bills.


The construction of prefabricated houses has been increased to a great extent that has led to the emergence of construction templates and the homeowners are using them for creating the design of their houses. By integrating these templates, the architects can design the layout of the house, identify the dimensions of each room, and make a home maintaining the accurate specification required by the owners.



The advantages of prefabricated construction method




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