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Estimators used columnar sheets of paper to organize the take off and the estimate itself into rows of items and columns containing the description, quantity and the pricing components. Some of these were similar to accounting ledger paper. They became known as green sheets or spreadsheets.


With the advent of computers in business, estimators began using spreadsheet applications like VisiCalc, Lotus 1-2-3, and Microsoft Excel to duplicate the traditional tabular format, while automating redundant mathematical formulas.


Many construction cost estimators (over 55%[citation needed]) continue to rely primarily upon manual methods, hard copy documents, and/or electronic spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel. While spreadsheets are relatively easy to master and provide a means to create and report a construction cost estimate and or cost models, their benefit comes largely from their ability to partially relieve estimators of mundane calculations. Accuracy, however, is not necessarily improved and productivity is not maximized. For example, data entry remains tedious and prone to error, formula errors are common, and collaboration and information sharing are limited.


In recent years as that access to information has been amplified, we have not seen the need to use all materials, all kinds of tools to gather information and why not to use such information on our behalf, the excel sheets are templates pre-designed than most professionals use in order to improve and accelerate their work, these excel sheets serve as templates, so you can use them again and again and it is only necessary to modify the input data, currently have prepared hundreds of templates excel for civil engineering, many of which are found in all versions of Excel.


Details: 120 Civil Engineering Spreadsheets in Spanish - File Contents


  • Calculation of channel
  • ACI square columns
  • Area of Reinforcing
  • Steel Pumps
  • Calculation of bearing capacity
  • Hydraulic Calculation
  • Hydrological Calculation
  • Calculation of pressures circuit
  • Sewerage Network-Calculus
  • Structural Equivalent Loads
  • Diagram pressures Drinking Water
  • Tanks Sizing
  • Diseño Columns
  • Design Line Driving
  • Design Boards
  • Design Blend
  • Design Bridge Girder Slab
  • Design Settler
  • Septic Tank Design
  • Retaining wall design



Spreadsheets for Civil Engineering




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