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Some useful tips to repair the cracks in concrete construction


The crack in concrete is a serious problem for building contractor that can damage the building structure to a great extent. There are various useful methods for concrete repairing but before applying these methods, the position of crack should be detected initially. The patching work for concrete repairing depends on the size of the cracks. The cracks in concrete generally happen owing to drying shrinkage, thermal movement or other causes but these will not create significant problems. But a foundation crack will spread over as time goes on and lead to water leakage or possibly the damage of structural integrity.


How to repair the wide concrete cracks:-


For starting the repairing work for wide concrete cracks, a small sledge hammer and a chisel can be used to undercut a wide crack. Expanding the crack will create a keyed surface where the concrete patch is arranged to carry out a more safe and consistent repairing work.



The cracks contain an expanded base and it should be cleaned comprehensively with the help of a wire brush, a damp cloth or a vacuum to take out small particles which can stop the adhesive being attached to the concrete surface.


Combine the concrete patching compound for starting the repairing work for concrete cracks by following the specific guidelines provided by the manufacturer. After mixing up the concrete patch, trowel the compound into the cracks. At first, pack the mixture to eliminate air pockets which may exist amid the concrete surface and the patching compound.


Complete the patching compound which is applied for repairing work of concrete. Make the mixture smooth by using the trowel till the patch is set. Afterward, smooth or brush the surface to match accessible surface. Once the patching the concrete is finished, it should be sealed properly. Concrete generally soak ups stains, and sealing will help to resist it. There are lots of products available in the market which can be used to seal concrete, but among them heavy-duty water-based polyurethane is a perfect one.


How to repair narrow Concrete Cracks: You have to undertake the following procedures for repairing narrow concrete cracks:-


Initially eliminate any loose debris from the concrete crack for repairing purpose. Apply a wire brush and broom to take out all dust and paint from the adjacent concrete surface. Afterward, clean the area with water.


Apply masonry crack elastomeric filler with a caulking gun to fill up narrow concrete cracks. In order to repair a tiny concrete cracks as well as hairline cracks, apply a vinyl concrete patching compound and place it over the crack and then level it through a putty knife. In this case you don't have to use a bonding agent over the concrete surface.


The following materials are the inherent part for repairing cracks in concrete : The materials & tools used for concrete cracks.


Materials - concrete patch material and sealer


Tools - hammer, cold chisel, vacuum, caulking gun, whisk broom, broom, trowel, gloves, safety glasses.


Some useful tips to repair the cracks in concrete construction

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