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Some emerging construction management technology for AEC sectors in 2014


We have entered in a new era i.e year 2015. If you look back in 2014, you will find several advanced and emerging technologies which shape the architecture, engineering, and construction industry efficiently.


The following are some of the handy trends and latest technologies in the year 2014. Lots of new softwares emerge for survey professionals in 2014.


Leica Geosystem's Pegasus: Two - It is a vehicle-mounted high-definition HDS scanning method that can enhance the speed of survey processing for large scale projects. With Pegasus Two, it becomes possible to execute 360-degree corridor surveys in excess of 50 miles per hour.


Drone Surveying. In 2014, lots of excellent drone technologies arrived with small, remotely operated multiple-rotor aircraft. The usability is found in diversified sectors like law enforcement to commerce as well as AEC industry. The drone technology is equipped with high-resolution digital cameras and highly developed software and can transform surveying process to the next level.


3D Concrete Printing. Concrete is considered as one of the most useful building materials for some of the best construction projects in the globe. Now 3D-printing technology is being incorporated with concrete to generate complicated building forms as well as minimize the time significantly necessary for generating such components through various orders of magnitude.

Smart Highways. In 2014, the Smart Highway project came into existence in the Netherlands. The traffic markings are created with a special new luminescent paint. Future motive of the project contains road paint to respond to temperature and sequentially offer weather warnings to drivers.



Kinetic Roads. In order to create a eco-friendly environment, several organizations are adopting ways for generating sustainable, ecologically friendly power. Recently, one Italian based company alias Underground Power has built up a way to capture the dissipated kinetic energy of braking automobiles to produce electric current. With these devices, it is possible to generate, an amount of power equal to that of 19 tons of oil annually.


Solar Roads. Scott and Julie Brusaw had developed a system of structurally engineered solar tiles for road use. These solar tiles have the ability to generate energy from sunlight as well as manage loads up to 125 tons. With this technology 31,250.86 square feet of roads, parking lots, driveways, playgrounds, bike paths, and sidewalks can be converted into the world's biggest power network.


Evolution of BIM. Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology is becoming increasingly popular among architecture, engineering, and construction industries. Lots of inventive technologies which include some very handy software and hardware are contributing to stimulate the expansion of BIM.


Project Tango. Google's Project Tango is an exclusive system compatible with handsets and tablets that can smoothly capture and evaluate spatial data recorded through device-mounted cameras. In 2014, Trimble announced conceptual applications to be utilized with these devices to leverage BIM data as well as pick up 3D models instantly which can be edited on the device.


BIM in the Cloud Computing. In 2014 big data and cloud computing start to feature themselves as a BIM tool. At this time this technology is facilitating global AEC professionals to work together in a specialized manner. It will result in speeding up design processes and at the same time minmizing errors and costs.


So we witnessed some latest and emerging technologies for AEC sectors in 2014 which range from smart roads to cloud computing and support the advancement in every phase of design and construction.


Some emerging construction management technology for AEC sectors in 2014
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