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Some effective tips for Concrete Mixing



In order to increase the stability and endurance, the concrete should be mixed properly. Concrete Mixing is defined as the method of rolling, folding and spreading of particles.


The materials of concrete must be blended comprehensively in order to maintain the same allocation of materials in the mass of concrete. This will help in coating the surfaces of aggregates through cement water paste. The mixing of concrete materials is accomplished manually or by using a cement mixer machine.


Mixing Manually: To mix by hand, the materials are piled on a water-tight platform ranging from wood, brick or steel. The materials should be mixed comprehensively, if possible three times a day, in dry condition prior to add water. Once the water is added, the produced mix must be absorbed within 30 minutes. Manual mixing is done for minor or insignificant projects where least amount of concrete is needed. For larger project, if hand mixing process is undertaken, more than 10% of stipulated cement should be used.


Machine mixing: In order to mix through machine, all the materials of concrete together with water, are gathered in a rotating drum and it is rotated for a specific period. The produced mix is then pulled out of the drum. The machine mixing concrete contains the following features :-

1. If the mixing of concrete materials is done through machine, the produced concrete becomes superior in quality.
2. Several types of mixers and capacities are accessible in the market. These may vary from tilting type or non-tilting type. These are usually supported with power-operated loading hoppers. To deal with small project, a mixer is applied that has capacity of generating concrete of one bag of cement is used. Special types of mixers are utilized for some particular projects like roads, aerodromes, dams, etc.
3. The water should be delivered to the mixer instantly or prior to placing other materials. This guarantees the proper allocation of water.

4. The concrete mixer must be exhaustively purified and cleaned once it is used fully. Without taking this safeguard, the cakes of hardened concrete will be created within the mixer. It will be very much difficult to eliminate these cakes later on and the efficiency of the mixed will be impacted significantly.
5. The inner part of the mixer should be examined cautiously & constantly. The damaged or broken part must be substituted.
6. The time of mixing concrete materials in the mixer and the speed of mixer are considered as the crucial elements for determining the generated potency of concrete. The mixing time should be revolved at a speed as suggested by the manufactures of the mixer.
7. Once the concrete materials are mixed comprehensively, the concrete emitted by the mixer, must be used up within 30 minutes.


Some effective tips for Concrete Mixing



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