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Sargon 9.40 is a useful construction program for efficient structural analysis



Castalia launched Sargon 9.40 for structural engineers to simplify structural analysis process. This construction software is specifically designed to design and examine the steel structures like sheds, hangars, covers, multi-story building, pipe rack, industrial plants, towers and masts, scaffolds, warehouse shelves, cantilever, drive in, porta pallet, trusswork, frames, etc.


This construction program employs a graphic interface and various finite element solvers, both internal and external. Sargon Modeler can be used to model any 3D structures efficiently. Sargon implants Samba, the cross-sections archive management unit (starting from over 10, 000 cross-sections) and latest cross-section design tool. Sargon automate the process for developing preparatory drawings. It is amalgamated with CSE for examining steel-joints (steel-connections) automatically.


Sargon is very useful for creating design for 2D or 3D structures instantly as well as verifying them in accordance with various standards like eurocodes 3 and 5 (EN 1993 1-1, CNR 10011, BS 5950, AISC-ASD, EN 1995). The units of measure and output language can be modified at any time. All the structural features and the results are obtained in graphic format.


One can access free demo version of the finite element program Sargon with the following constraints:

. the models contain up to 50 nodes;
. there does not exist the cross-section management tool packed with normal Sargon copies, called SAMBA;
. there does not exist the checkers conformable to various standards, the nonlinear solvers and the frequency response solver;

. the command does not exist for developing load combinations automatically as well as for meshing of plane surfaces automatically;
. there does not exist the interfaces to other programs.


Link for download Sargon 9.40 is a useful construction program for efficient structural analysis


Sargon 9.4
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