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Use Reinforced Concrete Calculator for accurate structural analysis is the developer of Reinforced Concrete Calculator useful for perfect structural analysis.


This construction application can produce parameters calculations instantly regarding beams and reinforced concrete slab in the office as well as the construction jobsite.


The calculations' algorithms provided in the application adheres to the Polish and Europe Union building construction law, and developed on the basis of the Polish PN-B-03264:2002 and Europe EC2 EN:1992-1-1 norm.


Reinforced Concrete contains:


1. Beam - Bending
2. Beam - Shear
2a. - Beam - Torsion with Shear (Premium - NEW module - stirrups spacing is computed to be applicable with both: shear and torsion)
3. Column - BIAXIAL Bending - useful to estimate reinforcement of compressed and biaxial bended rectangular columns and at the same time takes into account buckling coefficient. (Premium)

4. Column - BIAXIAL Bending - Expertise - Create estimates for load barring capability of compressed and biaxial bended rectangular columns and at the same time focusing on buckling coefficient. (Premium)
4a. Column - Tension - Helps to make estimation on reinforcement of tensioned and uniaxial bended rectangular columns (Premium)
5. Wall - Uniaxial Bending - Helps in meauring reinforcement of compressed and uniaxial bended wall, while focusing on buckling coefficient. (Premium)

6. Wall - Uniaxial Bending - Expertise - facilitates to estimate load barring capability concerning compressed and uniaxial bended wall, while considering buckling coefficient. (Premium)
7. Slab - Punching Shear (accessible in Reinforced Concrete FREE) - useful for measuring load barring capacity of slab for punching shear, furthermore in Reinforced Concrete PRO, one can select column section Rectangular / Circular and work out Column Drop for slab.
8. Concrete characteristics (EC2)



Reinforced Concrete Calculator
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