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Make your concrete mix design perfect with these useful guidelines

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Superior quality materials, cost effective designs as well as excellent construction practice are the part and parcel of good concrete product.


The construction professionals should abide by the following methods essential for concrete mix design and concrete trials.


  • Besides, following ACI and other standards, initial designs should have been verified through laboratory trial and plant trial. Modifications on the design must be accomplished throughout trial mixes. Before converting paper based preliminary design into final design, it should be checked properly.
  • Always perform trial mixes with the materials intended for genuine use.
  • Accomplish 2 or 3 design discrepancies for each design objective.
  • The concrete mix design should always be based on the factor of safety, (1.125, 1.2, 1.25, 1.3 X target strength).
  • Prior to heading for plant trials, ensure the source of materials is identical to the one applied in the laboratory trials.


  • Test out the processes for fine-tuning the batching plant.
  • Accomplish the complete verification concerning fresh concrete at the batching plant, particularly the air content and yield which is very crucial in commercial batching plants.
  • Implementation of proper quality control processes at the plant will help in avoiding potential concrete issues.
  • Pursue admixture suggestions from your supplier.
  • Examine and substantiate strength development and the most vital stage is the 3 and 7 days strength.




Make your concrete mix design perfect with these useful guidelines


Make your concrete mix design perfect with these useful guidelines


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