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List of Free Online Civil Engineering Courses and Classes


This is top civil engineering course. This is completely free.


Online Civil Engineering Course Information: This course will enhance the engineering skill and area unit designed to illustrate students concerning the role of manufacturing in stylish society and thus the principles and laws that contribute to the sphere.


The bulk of courses known lecture notes that may be downloaded and lots of categories embraces assignments, lectures and come that make easy the students higher tell apart from the fabric.


These courses don't appear to be obtainable for school credit. Rather, they let students work severally.


Civil Engineering in Developing Countries: Civil Engineering in Developing Countries educates students regarding the association between applied science and socio-cultural problems in developing countries. There are thirteen lectures offered that cowl water, shelter and roads. Students can find out about case studies like Kitui, Kenya.


  • Introduction to Civil Engineering Design
  • Introduction to Civil and Environmental Engineering Design
  • Civil Engineering Materials Laboratory
  • Uncertainty in Engineering
  • Project Evaluation
  • Project Management
  • Frameworks and Models in Engineering Systems/Engineering Systems Design
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Masters of Engineering Concepts of Engineering Practice



Introduction to technology style is supposed for college students WHO area unit unaccustomed technology and wish to be told theory, technology case studies and techniques. Students can access a reading list that features info regarding major technology comes. There's conjointly an inventory of comes that students will transfer to higher perceive technology through active comes.


Introduction to Civil and Environmental Engineering Design: It is another college boy category that teaches students the principles of engineering science. Through this on-line course, students study the importance of water, structure and thermal style because it relates to engineering science. There also are comes that students will transfer to know engineering science techniques. Engineering science Materials Laboratory connects students to the measurements and techniques employed in engineering science. This on-line course includes video demonstrations that cowl information acquisitions and instruments. There are ten labs that cowl ideas like soil classification and tension.


Uncertainty in Engineering: It focuses on prospect and statistics in connection to engineering. Students can admission nine lecture notes and 19 application examples that teach students about allotment mixtures and variables. Students can also entrée exams to examination their knowledge of course materials. Project Evaluation teaches students the technique for evaluating civil engineering projects of all sizes. Online addresses and projects cover uncertainty, financing, revenues and project costs. There are exam questions that are also posted online as part of the class.


Project Management: It shows students the way to implement real-life applied science comes. Students can study applied science comes just like the Manhattan Project and also the Central Artery Project. There square measure assignments that embody case studies, analysis and risk.


Frameworks and Models in Engineering Systems/Engineering Systems style: It is associate student class that teaches students regarding the quantitative and qualitative ways that of technology. The lecture notes is also downloaded and cover topics like risk management, complexity and state of affairs turning out with. There square measure assignments and comes that offer case studies for school youngsters. Engineering Mechanics offers an overview of materials and structures in engineering. Students can study the principles and laws of engineering through lectures that embody beam snap, the strain methodology and so the time model.


Masters of Engineering Concepts of Engineering Practice: It is a graduate-level category that covers the role of engineering in fashionable society. Lecture notes cowl ethics, construction and project management. Students will transfer case studies and find out about the project analysis method.


List of Free Online Civil Engineering Courses and Classes




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