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IES VisualAnalysis 12.0 - A handy construction program for structural analysis



IES developed VisualAnalysis that can be used for analyzing structure specifically general-purpose frame and finite-element efficiently. The updated version is VisualAnalysis 12.0


With VisualAnalysis, the engineers can make analysis for typical beams, columns, frames, trusses and building models. The program can simplify the process for resolving large or unusual structures instantly.


This construction program offers the following functionalities :-


. Ideal for unusual projects, and large, complex models.
. Evaluates both lateral and gravity loads in a single model
. Amalgam materials in one model, and change amid them smoothly
. Access three feature and price levels: Compare Levels.
. There is an extra support for building-code and it can be utilized for mechanical applications.
. There is effective and compliant reporting system (customize to your own styles)

The structural analysis can be made on the following elements :-


. Frames, Trusses, Grids, Beams, Tanks
. Beam or Truss Members, Plate/Shell Elements
. Elastic Spring Supports

. Auto-meshed Areas (for easy wall or slab modeling)
. Tension-only/Compression-only members or spring-supports
. Cartesian, Polar, Cylindrical or Spherical Coordinates
. No built-in size limit (20, 000+ nodes are practical)
. Typical Manufactured Shapes: Steel, Wood, Aluminum, Cold-formed


. Parametric, Custom or Shapes imported from ShapeBuilder
. Just about any Material, Libraries included, Customizable!
. New: CAD-style selection box
. New: Generate linear copies
. Simple, Rigid, Semi-Rigid Connections
. Catenary Cable Elements


Link for download IES VisualAnalysis 12.0

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