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How to set up reinforcement concrete



Materials and Machinery utilized: Batching plant, Transit mixer, Concrete pump, Vibrators, Chute and CI Pipes.


Scope of the work: Labeling the slab, Setting the reinforcement, Form work for slab, Setting the concrete


Reinforcement: It must abide by BBS created following sanctioned drawing. Once shuttering is finished, the R/F shifting and binding should be developed. R/F binding shall proceed as formwork with the advancement of shuttering work.


Concreting: Construction joint . The construction joint must be pre-defined and set before the commencement of the concreting work. It is intended to encompass two construction joints for main building as per plan. If any significant fault occurs of the Batching plant, the extra Construction joint may be deserted. The construction joint should be set at the one-third length. Construction joint shall be straight and contain L-shaped profile in order that sequential layer of concrete is exactly merged with the layer placed previously.

. Formation of construction joint will involve roughening, eliminating all laitance following the joint and use of thick slurry prior to commencement of the new concrete.
. Formation and placing of concrete.
. There should be ample stock of material to set up the concrete. The stores/purchase dept makes it sure that concreting is not ceased because of materials.
. All plant and machinery are thoroughly checked to ensure that they are functioning properly.
. Concrete of grade M-25 will be generated from the batching plant and directly pumped to the location of concrete placement with the pipeline. The pouring sequence will be maintained through grid A towards construction joint. As the grade of concrete for column is M-40 and adjacent concrete is M-25, plenty offset around column shall be casted with M-40.The offset dimensions will be obtained from PMC.

. Proper walkways/platforms should be provided in order that the supports of the pipeline and manpower are not directly imposed on reinforcement.
. With the starting of casting work, there should be plenty of carpenters along with supervisor to examine the behavior of supports below the slab. Additional Props are to be compiled below slab to give extra strength in case of supports collapse.


Curing: . Once the thumb set of the concrete placed, the curing shall be initiated instantly. The set of concrete should be covered with Hessian clothe /Plastic to get rid of moisture evaporation from the concrete throughout hardening and thus to reduce shrinkage fanatical cracks. These cracks of the concrete are occurred all through casting of flat surfaces.
. Final curing will be performed through ponding and stacking water for a least period of 7 days.


How to set up reinforcement concrete



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