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How to estimate reinforcement quantity



In order to find out the cost of the structure, there should be clear conception on the materials quantities as well as the quantities of reinforcement. Proper quantities concerning the concrete and brickwork should be measured out of the layout drawing.


If there are no working drawings and schedules for the reinforcement, estimation can be made with the predictable quantities. The descriptions of the quantities are normally described compliant with the constraints of the Standard method of measurement of building works.


For reinforcement quantities the fundamental requirements are:


1. Bar reinforcement must be narrated individually with steel type (e.g. mild or high-yield steel), diameter and weight and divided up in accordance with:


  • Element of structure, e.g. foundations, slabs, walls, columns, etc., and
  • Bar 'shape', e.g. straight, bent or hooked; curved; links, stirrups and spacers.

2. Fabric (mesh) reinforcement should be narrated individually with steel type, fabric type and area, divided up as said by 1(angel) and 1(beer) above.


There exist various methods for measuring the quantities of reinforcement;, three methods of varying accuracy are:


  • Method-1 for Reinforcement Estimation
  • Method-2 for Reinforcement Estimation
  • Method-3 for Reinforcement Estimation

While creating the reinforcement estimate, the following items must be included:


(a) Laps and starter bars: A logical allowance for normal laps in both main and distribution bars and for starter bars. It must be verified if special lapping arrangements are used.
(b) Architectural features: The drawings must be observed and adequate allowance created for the reinforcement necessary for such 'non-structural' features.
(c) Contingency: A contingency having 10% and 15% must be included to adapt some modifications and for prospective errors.


How to estimate reinforcement quantity


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