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These are some useful links for the civil engineers. It will be throughout helpful.


Geotechnical software GEO5: There are many programmes that solve geotechnical problems. Those are very easy with user friendly interface. Those programmes are based on analytical methods and the Finite Element Method (FEM). These are the geotechnical tasks: Slope stability analysis, Foundations design, Retaining wall design, Sheet pile wall, Soil Settlement, Underground structures etc.


3D Nature's World Construction Set: It is photorealistic 3D terrain visualization for cartography to architecture, golf and forestry.


3D Structural Modeling Software - 3D+: It is autoCAD based pareametic modeling and analysis.


Archon Engineering - It makes the civil and mechanical engineering software.


ASCAD - Software for civil engineers and land-surveyors.


ARTS hydraulic design software - It is a graphical hydraulic design package.


Autodesk Civil - It builds on Autodesk Land Desktop with tools that mechanize civil engineering tasks.


AutoTURN - It is actually CAD-based software.


AutoTURN Aircraft - It is also a CAD-based software simulation tool used to assess aircraft.


BOSS International - It makes of civil engineering software for groundwater.


CAiCE Software Corporation - The creator of civil software automation tools for review, civil design, construction and drainage engineers.



CDS - It is a suite of civil design and survey software for Cogo, contouring, subdivision and roadway design.


Construsoft - It presents the programs such as Xsteel, a 3D modeling system for steel structures; Powerframe, for analyzing structures in steel, concrete and timber and Powerplate, to analyze plates with using the finite element method (FEM).


DTWARE Engineering Software - Software for article and incessant beam analysis.


Eagle Point Software - It is the architectural, civil and construction software, including AutoCAD add-on.


ELPLA - It analyzes and plan slab foundations and to decide contact force, settlements, instant activities and shear forces of slab foundations by the method of limited elements. - It is actually an engineering software store with reach collection.


Ezicad - It is the included package for cogo, contour routines and road plan.


Geocomp Systems - It is the creator of the software for review, civil design, and volume estimation.


GEOPAK - This is actually suite of civil engineering software for reviewing and roadway plan.


Geotechnical and Geo-environmental Software Directory - This software lists additional than 1,300 programs, advantage was more than 700 universal dealer and publishers of these programs.


Highway Safety Analysis Software - This is traffic accident studies program containing data entry.


IcoMap - It adapted paper land records into vector-based parcel maps.


Inlet Master - It is a hydraulic program to assist design and analyze the act of storm drain Inlets.


InRoads - it manages multiple aspects of civil engineering projects including road design, corridor design, and road widening many ore.


MWH Software - It is the creators of water distribution software.



ParkCAD - It is the CAD-based software for generating conceptual parking lot designs.


Performance of Reinforced Concrete - It is the Java Applet, forecasts the structural performance of reinforced concrete panels.


PGSuper - It can be used to plan and check precast-prestressed girder bridges in accordance with the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specification. Free.


Rcolumn - It analyzes the unbreakable concrete columns for biaxial bending.


Rockmate Technical Services - It makers of software for the environment, vehicle tracking, surveying, security, explosives and the extractive industries.


Rockgrout - It is an animated and interactive program explaining the design and construction of cement grouting.


RockWare Inc. - It makes more than 200 applications for geological, hydrological and other related earth-science disciplines.


SiteComp - The Stand-alone reviewing and civil engineering software presents for contouring, legal description writing, and site.


Skjeggedal Consulting - It presents the areas, a program for calculation of section properties of steel beams.


Soakaway Design - Wastewater system design, includes rainfall map for the UK.


Software Solutions - It is actually a software solution for both industrial and commercial engineering applications.


Spencer Engineering Software - It is for the appraisal and selection of standard open-web steel joists for floor and roof construction, including joist/slab vibration analysis.


SPLASHS With Ripple-Thru - It is the relationship-based design software for civil engineers.


Structural Analysis Software - S-Frame - It is a completely included suite of structural study and design software solutions, from entry-level 2D frame analysis to advanced non-linear 3D finite element analysis.


The Engineer's Document and Design System - It is the structural Calculation Software within Microsoft Word, to integrating analysis and design calculations.


Topocad - It is the CAD program for surveying, design, engineering and mapping.


VisionCivil - It is VisionCivil, the Civil Engineering Software for AutoCAD or MicroStation environments.


Wallingford Software - It makers of software for the water industry, including data management and network modeling software to hold planning and operations in water sharing.


X32 Group, Inc - It is the highway security analysis software for traffic accident studies.


Primus-DCF is free and whole software that permits Engineers, architect, Surveyors and building contractors to easily create bills of amount and estimates for the building industry through a very user-friendly interface. The monitor of the desktop becomes place where user would be able to open Price Books, Price Lists, Estimates and Bills of Quantities. They can consult them, insert, modify or copy parts of data from a source document to a purpose document, and easily adapt data with simple Drag&Drop operations.


It is only for WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) technology, the manuscript that user can see while get restriction is precisely the same document you will get printed on paper.


The user can have dissimilar ID on the monitor and function on any of them wherever you want by simply pointing the mouse pointer on the part that want to adjust permitting you to work in a more direct and intuitive way. Still, the DCF (Document Computation Format) arrangement can be customized for free thanks to Primus.


  • Nisa Design Studio
  • Fastrak
  • Tedds - Free trial download
  • Structural BIM
  • Bridge Engineering Software (free version)
  • PPS - Performance Planning System
  • Kubla Software


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