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Construction management & general contracting are useful for managing a construction project efficiently


General contracting and construction management are the inherent part of a construction project. Both of them are useful for coordinating and handling projects. But there are basic differences concerning the organizational structure, business relationships, and project entry points.


General Contracting: A general contractor deals with the supervision and management of a construction project. The general contractor accomplishes diversified functionalities as below :-


  • appoint and administer subcontractors
  • Correspond with and between subcontractors
  • Coordinate and plan all job from beginning to completion
  • Look into the matter so that subcontractors get payment in a timely manner
  • Organize all work to be completed with the project
  • Give updates and make contact with the client




The GC is an individual, partnership, corporation, or business body liable for controlling and executing construction related works. There are several well qualified peoples like supervisors, general labor, subcontractors as well as other trades who work in tandem with GC in construction projects. Generally the GC manages the complete project but he/she can also perform with a particular section ranging from the foundation or masonry.


On the basis of design suggested by the client, the GC generally works on a bid process. The client can appoint the GC depending on the low-priced bid, top qualifications, or other scale. Profit can be gained if the GC is capable of executing the project lower than the bid price. If the project contains unanticipated costs, the client will have to reimburse more, modify the project specs, or trim down the project's scope.


Construction Management: The duties and responsibilities of a construction manager are identical with the general contractor. However, the CM is not involved directly on the jobsite where there are general labors or other trade works. The CM plays a similar role of a project manager. The construction manager takes the responsibilities for the planning, coordination, and management of the project on the whole. The main functionality of the construction manager is to offer the client with a functional project.


A CM is appointed to a project prior to a GM generally joins. The CM contributes to the design progression; provide suggestions on desired features, specifications and materials chosen. The CM will frequently offer proposals useful for enhancing the value of the project upon completion and arranging the project for smooth running.


The construction manager performs on the basis of a percentage relating to the project costs. A CM is generally selected for qualifications over lowest price. A construction manager will employ the subcontractors and tradesmen generally via a bid process.


Construction management & general contracting are useful for managing a construction project efficiently


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