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Concrete Calculator for construction


Concrete calculator is a device of estimation. This handy estimator would simple needs measurement of feet and inches of length, width and depth of slab to entre for final measurement.


The outcome is so simply. The measurement will be in square feet, cubic feet and cubic yard of any specific project.


Now if the user of this calculator enters the:


  • Amount of waste
  • Cost per yard of concrete
  • Total cubic yard of concrete


Then the entirety cost will be shown in the text box. A user can differentiate concrete amount and material cost. They can add or minus on the total of it. You can put the percentage of waste product (optional) and press the input to get the result.



If the user wishes to enter other measurement, they have to click the clear button box. This will clear the previous data and users can enter the new one.


Concrete calculator is one of the important aspects of the construction project. It is important to fit the structural strength of the building. Concrete comes premixed in the concrete truck does not mean that the concrete is forever good.


Hole of any measurement with length, breath and depth needs concrete to fill up. The strength of concrete is also very important. Concrete uses the strength, which is 2000 psi (pounds per square inch) concrete.


Now days the buildings are pouring 3000 psi and 4000 psi concrete, depending on the size and complexity of the project.


Some of the bigger homes are designed by an architect and might require a structural engineer. The structural engineer might require mix designs from the concrete company for his approval.


The requirement of slump is very necessary. There is a concept that the lower the slump the greater the strength but the harder the concrete is to work. The higher the slump the lesser strength & nbsp.


The engineer must know his/her limit to use the concrete. 3000 psi with a three to five inch slump is the limit to stay. The higher slump can jeopardize the situation.


Temperature of the concrete is a factor in summer and winter. Time spend in the truct is also a factor to concern. Foundation of concrete is not an easy thing, small-tint-little mistake could result big money loss.


Concrete Calculator for construction


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