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National Building code is actually bunch of rules which signifies the minimum standards of constructed as well as non-constructed objects. The main reason of building codes are to defend public health, safety and general welfare as they narrate to the construction and tenancy of buildings and structures.


The building code becomes law of an existing jurisdiction when officially enacted by the proper governmental or private authority. It has become law now.


Building codes square measure usually meant to be applied by architects, engineers, constructors and regulators however are used for numerous functions by safety inspectors, environmental scientists, land developers, subcontractors, and makers of building merchandise and materials, insurance firms.


The codes regulation the planning and construction of structures wherever adopted into law. Codes in developed western nations may be quite advanced and complete. They began in past and are developing ever since.

Within the USA the most codes square measure the International industrial or Residential Code [ICC/IRC], electrical codes and plumbing, mechanical codes. Fifty states and also the District of Columbia have adopted the I-Codes at the state or territorial level.



Different codes could embody fireplace, health, transportation, producing, and different regulations/regulators/testers like UL; Underwriters Labs. In essence they're minimum standards of style and implementation.


Designers use ICC/IRC standards out of considerable reference books throughout style. Building departments review plans submitted to them before construction, issue permits and inspectors verify compliance to those standards at the positioning throughout construction.


There square measure usually further codes or sections of constant code that have a lot of specific needs that apply to dwellings or places of business and special construction objects like canopies, signs, pedestrian walkways, parking tons, and radio and TV antennas.


  • Download - National Building Code (Group 1)
  • Download - National Building Code (Group 2)
  • Download - National Building Code (Group 3)
  • Download - National Building Code (Group 4)
  • Download - National Building Code (Group 5)


Download Civil Engineering Building Codes



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