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How reinforce concrete is considered as the most vital construction material for steel construction



With some powerful features like variability, flexibility and fire & corrosion proof strength, reinforcement is considered as the most crucial construction element for steel construction that an reduce the maintenance cost of any structure significantly. Superior quality cements are used in reinforcement concrete that produce more stronger and long-lasting concrete to be applied in various types of structures.


The usage of Reinforced concrete can be found in building the floor and roof slabs, columns and beams in residential and commercial structures.


Currently, the reinforced concrete is extensively used for bridges having small, medium and long spans which produce aesthetically superior and cost-effective structures with regard to steel bridges.


The application of reinforced concrete is also found in various earth retaining structures ranging from abutments for bridges and retaining walls for earthen embankments.


Reinforced concrete is perfectly applicable for water retaining structures similar to ground and overhead tanks and hydraulic structures similar to gravity and arch dams. The material is very much acceptable for building up the big domes for water tanks and sports stadiums and conference halls.


Reinforced concrete grid floors formed with beams and slabs are broadly utilized for wrapping large areas like conference halls where it is necessary to arrange free space for column.


For aircraft hangers, reinforced concrete shells containing lean circular slabs and deep edge beams can reduce the cost significantly.


Reinforced concrete folded plate construction is utilized for industrial structures where it is essential to arrange large column free space under the roof.

In coastal areas where corrosion is inevitable for developing the marine structures like wharfs, quay walls, watchtowers and lighthouses. For warehouses in coastal areas, reinforced concrete trusses are useful to support steel trusses.


Now-a-day Reinforced concrete poles substitute steel poles for transmitting power. Tall towers for TV transmission are consistently erected with reinforced concrete.


Various Multistorey buildings for both residential and office complexes are constructed indiscriminately with reinforced concrete. For heavy duty floors in factories, reinforced concrete is very much suitable because of its resistance to corrosion and longevity.


In atomic structures, reinforced concrete is ideal to steel for pressure vessel construction caused by the greater radiation absorption characteristics of high strength and high-density concrete.


In Reinforced concrete piles, both precast and cast-in-situ are some of the vital elements for groundwork of various types of structures like bridges and buildings. The pavements for highways and airport runways are also constructed with reinforcement concrete.


So, we can say reinforced concrete is the most crucial material for developing the most simple to composite structures. With the inclusion of superior quality in cement and steel, the use of reinforced concrete will be significantly increased in 21st century.


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