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Advance Design is a construction program useful for structural design



Graitec develops Advance Design for perfect structural design. This construction program is fully incorporated analysis/design software specifically designed for engineers. It is used to perform static and dynamic analysis of 2D and 3D structures out of bridges and culverts and applied to buildings and towers.


There are 12 modules which perform on a solitary platform to design and validate all types of structures.


This construction software contains an extensive database of materials and shapes (steel, composite, wood, reinforced and prestressed concrete). Custom objects can be easily formed and a public or private sharing can be allocated.


Static Analysis: This basic module supports all other modules. It accomplishes 2D/3D static analysis (linear, geometric non-linear and with released members and supports). Beam and plate elements having 6 DOF per node are supported.


Dynamic Analysis: This module is used for modal, spectral, linear / non-linear time history and transient analyses. Information on levels toward every seismic direction and inter-story drifts is obtained. Calibration of spectral analysis in line with assigned building code, inelastic & torsional effects are provided. Pall friction dampers are utilized for non-linear TH analysis.


Steel Design: The recurring design method authenticates and uses best steel members and bolted connections. Static, dynamic, moving Loads and foundation design results belong to this method. The module also offers capacity design for ductile frames, design briefs, composite beams having construction phases, studs, editable ratio (Esteel / Econcrete) for continuing and interim effects, and automatic computation of operative lengths.


Timber Design: This module optimizes as well as validates wood structures, through a recurring continual process. Notches and bearing widths are chosen for resistance estimates, correction factors, duration factors, fastenings, sawn timber, glue-laminated and composite, treated wood, incised and fire retardant. Comprehensive design summary is furnished together with resistance of fastenings.

Tower Design: This module substantiates / optimizes tower members. It highlights cable elements containing large deflection, ice and wind load generator, specific equations for Kx, Ky and Kz in accordance with bracing types, and graphic results for upright members.


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Construction Software - Advance Design
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