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QuickPen AutoBid SheetMetal software empowers HVAC estimator to create HVAC and Sheet metal estimate quickly and accurately. HVAC and sheet metal estimators can raise their bid volume by modifying bids quickly and take action to last-minute changes in bidding process to meet up the most deadlines.

QuickPen AutoBid SheetMetal save time for HVAC estimator to a great extent as it can easily segregate an area in GTO and transfer it to alternate or a different HVAC system.

The estimator can also apply it at inventory time to cost and produce spreadsheets of stocked material.

Some exclusive features :-

AutoBid® automatically inserts every fitting and hanger correctly based on the specifications and systems. It can easily identify wrong fittings, omissions and mistakes while taking off the pipe. Connector types and joint lengths are calculated based on user-defined specifications.

The AutoBid® software contains the most precise hangers in the marketplace and easily detects pieces of duct and fittings to be connected. The users can avail hangers at changes in directions and at user-defined spacing based on duct size. AutoBid can also properly make a choice for attachments based on structure and vertical members based on elevation.

The AutoBid® software can automatically regulate your labor within a project or on a specific item to deal with supplementary labor requirements.


The estimator can take the advantage of onscreen touch takeoff by importing their drawings into AutoBId. Floating windows allow you to enter commands easily.

The AutoBid® software can produce a visual representation of your takeoff process with the help of patented graphical audit trail (made of connected real-world items) which boost the takeoff and decreases. The estimator can connect and drag in GTO to immediately choose a group of connected items to create changes, create assemblies, create alternates, do change orders, and more.

The AutoBid® software comes up with wide-ranging user-defined reporting system. The estimator can break out labor into numerous categories and effortlessly output data to Microsoft® Excel® and SAP® Crystal Reports.

The AutoBid® software can allocate project data all through your organization. Get rid of unnecessary data entry and inaccuracy with direct export of estimate data to Microsoft Project® , Primavera® , Dexter+Chaney, Timberline, and many other most important project management and accounting applications.


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