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Detailed process for construction site preparation

Before starting any construction of roads, buildings and any other amenities there is high requirement of preparation of raw land. This site preparation is done in order to improve the condition of land.

Construction site preparation is not any single task, it includes large number steps. Various steps are used like cleaning, soil erosion, stripping of top soil and there are many other methods via which proper site preparation can be done.

Various methods used for site preparation are as follow.

  • Clearing- GPS dozer system is used for clearing raw land. In earlier days burning method was adopted by people. But now in order to stop air pollution people are opting for methods which are eco friendly. So bulldozer is mainly used for cleaning of land.

  • Soil erosion and management- Soil erosion degrade and ruin land very badly. So preventive measures should be taken in order to prevent soil erosion. By preventing soil erosion we also save water. The management of storm water is becoming vital day by day. But storing this water is becoming more complex so proper steps should be taken in order to save storm water.


Construction site preparation can be made easy: With different job site your works also vary greatly. With excavation it is whole different experience to finish job. Any kind of job you are doing on site it will require usage of hefty machines.

While doing excavation jobs you have to be very strong whole around the year. Like in winters you have to face low temperature and in summers you will face burning sun on your head.

You can't start your site work with your own will. You have to take whole permission first before starting work. Some areas are very sensitive so in order to start work on those areas you need to take full permission on papers so that you can easily start your work. Excavation job is not that easy because sometimes your job site require temporary pond. It requires a lot of skills in order to make temporary pond.

There are chances that you will face manholes. In that case you can use machines to place them on proper positions. The best method can be used for placing them is excavator. No doubt outdoor job is great but you need to be very careful. Do follow all safety rules and regulation so that in later stages you won't face any problem.

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