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Trimble introduced Trimble Connect to simplify the design, construction and building operation processes


As part of it's strong commitment towards building construction industry, Trimble has recently launched another useful product alias Trimble Connect for construction sectors. It is a cloud supported collaboration platform that simplified the design, construction and building operation processes and transform them collaboratively. The project team members will be able to access, evaluate, control and distribute project data from any location at any time.


Trimble Connect follows Trimble Buildings' portfolio of Design-Build-Operate (DBO) methodology that offers flawless interoperability for designers, builders, and owners/occupiers as well as advantages to teams engaged in site groundwork and supervision.


Trimble Connect builds communities of collaboration across and inside disciplines, incorporating data from Trimble's diversified applications and tools to shorten the gap amid the teams and tasks.


Trimble Connect provides support for the platform-neutral IFC file format for OpenBIM, a wide-ranging approach to the collaborative design, construction and management of buildings on the basis of open standards and workflows.




Trimble Connect contains synchronized information for each one across the DBO continuum, making the process easy for integrating Building Information Modeling (BIM), 3D and 2D models through the Web, making the coordination better amongst isolated offices and teams, and minimizing costs for software and training. Besides, with storage and archiving of project documentation platform, the project team leaders can efficiently monitor their staff's performance from a distant location. Trimble Connect also preserve all the digital assets under one roof across a project portfolio, facilitating project managers and building owners to audit and report on all previous and present project data and activity.


Trimble Connect is compatible with a series of leading softwares like sketchup, tekla structures, tekla BIMsight, vico office, prolog, trimble field link, MEPdesigner for SketchUp and Manhattan Atrium EAM.


By integrating Business Center - HCE and Trimble Connect, the data can be transmitted and recovered to and from the construction contractor, the engineer and the general contractor.


Business Center - HCE conveys the 3D constructible model to the Trimble Connect repository for storage, security and version control as a result general contractors, construction contractors and engineers can mutually involve in the delivery of a project. Construction contractors can repossess as well as control version-controlled digital plans, CAD data and models from engineers and general contractors to be applied in takeoffs, bids, data research and field operations. Besides, construction contractors will get the ability to put in estimates, 3D site models arranged for machine control and site positioning, and as-built drawings to the "Trimble Connected" central storage location for assessment, action or approvals.


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Trimble introduced Trimble Connect to simplify the design



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