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How to develop a steady Foundation by following 7 Steps


This construction article analyzes the step-by-step basic processes for setting up the foundation of a building.



In a basement foundation, the concrete block is utilized to build the stem wall that supports the building.


Concrete block is available in over 30 sizes and forms. To select the exact type for the basement, local building codes play a vital role.


Generally, seven steps are required for setting up a foundation and these steps are used to each of the three types of foundation.


Choose a construction site and examine the conditions of the soil at first to verify whether the soil conditions need special foundations as the soil does not contain superior strength or contain some other properties which may create problems later on. In this regard, consult with your building department, builder and designer are in go get some useful suggestions at the local level.


Make initial study to discover and locate the genuine corners of the foundation so the complete foundation can be developed easily.

Begin the process for digging. The excavation contractor will accomplish this step in the process.


Set up the footings. Remember that you have to pour concrete into wood forms or directly into trenches to form the footings.


N.B.: After the pouring of concrete, follow some guidelines on what to do or what should not be done. If you want to pour concrete for an extensive area, take help from a quality-minded contractor.

To safeguard footings from moisture, just seal them. Ensure to buy a superior-quality sealer, and a ready-mix producer.


As soon as the concrete will be cured, apply concrete block to form the stem walls while developing a basement. Generally your masons will carry out with the block wall in the corner of the foundation. They execute this with what are called "leads", which provide masons two endpoints from which a line should be stringed - facilitating them to form a plumb and level wall among the two points. Thus a straight and level wall is produced to retain all of the basement walls steady.


How to develop a steady Foundation by following 7 Steps


Apply another round of sealer to your foundation wall to keep moisture out.


Acrylic-based sealers is applied instantly once the concrete work is completed. They perform like a curing compound as well as a sealer.



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