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HertzWin is an exclusive construction calculator for material stress calculation

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Vink System Design & Analysis has developed an exclusive construction tool alias HertzWin calculator that can be used for Hertzian stress calculations. This construction calculator can automatically estimate mechanical point and line contact dimensions as well as material stresses.


The calculator contains a user-friendly interface and the users can provide material properties, dimensions and loads and instantly view the results.


The latest version of this construction tool is HertzWin 2.6.0. Go through the release notes ( to get more updates.


HertzWin offers the following functionalities :-


  • point and line contact stress calculations;
  • manage width, Hertz stress, shear stress, deformation, contact stiffness traction stiffness and required material strength;
  • NEW: imperial units;
  • manipulate the surface roughness;

  • lifelong calculations;
  • manipulation of traction forces;
  • accurate elliptical integral calculations with numerical consolidation;
  • extensive list of material properties;
  • wide-ranging help files;
  • Windows Clipboard copy function;
  • Also works with Linux through Wine;
  • Graphs of stresses and displacements;
  • Highest shear stress and Von Mises stress per contacting body;
  • Tables containing used formulas in HertzWin (traceability) in the help function.


Download Hertz contact stress calculations


HertzWin supports Windows or under Linux through Wine. To set up and work with Linux, just abide by these instructions ( Required disk space is 1.1 MB. HertzWin is not compatible with Apple OS.

Hertz Contact Stress Calculations


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Hertz Contact Stress Calculations