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Steel-Connect - An exclusive construction program for structural design

Deep Excavation LLC has launched steel connect, an exclusive construction program for efficient structural design.

Steel-Connect is an easy to use inexpensive steel connection software that is considered as a productive design tool for the general structural engineer. Standard steel connections are designed in quickest possible time with the autodesign feature. User specified steel connections can also be examined. This construction program can be used to design common shear bolted or welded connections, full moment connections , end plate connections.

Given below, detailed lists of available functions in Steel-Connect.

? Directly welded connections. It is possible to indicate selected welds.
? Four and Eight tension bolt end-plate moment connections
? Clip angles welded or bolted for simple shear.
? Skew and cant angles are set.
? Necessity for stiffener is inspected. When required, stiffeners are autodesigned

? Existing Design Codes: ASD 9th Edition, LRFD 2nd Edition, LRFD 13th Edition.
? Integrated loads can be inputted.
? Strut alignment can be modified.
? Autodesign and investigation options.
? Comprehensive report output.

Steel-Connect - An exclusive construction program for structural design