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SkyCiv - A cloud based construction software for 3D Structural Analysis


SkyCiv Structural 3D is a cloud based construction program that can be used for structural analysis. SkyCiv provides complete 3d analysis for bending, shear, torsion, axial, deflection and stress as well as 3D Render and Text Analysis.



SkyCiv with 1 year subscription offers the following functionalities :-


Make analysis on any structure virtually (along with 3D projects)
Input 3D structures and also work out for 3D results
Deflection - involving X, Y, Z and Sum translations and X, Y and Z Rotations
Bending Moment Diagrams (BMD) and Shear Force Diagrams (SFD)
Axial Forces
Stress Analysis
Complete Buckling Analysis


3D Rendering of your Structure with Color Contours:


Envisage any structure with robust 3D Renderer
Preview the structure (and deflect) in practical world
Apply in your reports or examine the geometry of the structure
Turn around and view the 3D model from each angle for having the complete structural analysis experience
Apply the color contours to view all results along the members

Section Library and Unlimited Sections


Save and Load sections out of the extensive library of Australian, European, American and UK standard sections. In order to get a custom Section, just generate and save your own customized sections through SkyCiv Structural 3D 1-Year Subscription's Section Builder. Include various number of sections for more complicated projects. A custom section can also be included.


The following beam sections can be chosen: Rectangular/Square, Hollow Rectangular/Square, Circular, Hollow Circular, I-section, L-section, T-section, Channel Sections, Triangular.


If a section is added, the result can be achieved for moment of inertia, centroids and further section properties.


SkyCiv - A cloud based construction software for 3D Structural Analysis
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Preset materials allow you to choose your material from a drop down list for rapid entry.


To get more updates on the features and download the software, go through the following link.




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